September 28, 2003


I took a Perama bus this morning from Sanur at 10:30AM to go to Ubud. I'm staying at Dana Sari, 43 Hanoman St. which is the first place I found. It is very nice and won't complain about the price (40000RP bargained and of course breakfast included). There is no swimming pool (what ?? !) here though it seems strangely kind of a standard in a lots of place in Ubud, but I really don't care much for now.

Surprisingly Ubud looks more quiet than what I was expecting from yesterday (pfeeew) though you have the usual touts and hawkers: "transport ?" "yes ! ", "yes ! visit my shop ?!", etc...

On a side note, I have found around Bali the weirdest guys until I'm travelling. For example in Sanur at Bella Homestay, there is an italian guy probably in its 50 who dresses himself in Balinese style, roughly a sarong around his waist and another one over his shoulders and he is walking naked feet in the streets with some kind of Emperor attitude. Caesar probably could not do better than that at the apogee of the Roman Empire. I have seen another extravaganza today in Ubud as well.

Posted by stephane at September 28, 2003 05:58 AM