September 28, 2003


As you may have noticed, I updated the pictures. It took me about 3 hours non-stop, that's not so bad especially considering that Ubud is the cheapest place I have found so far for Internet (9000RP/h). I was so tired after that I decided to have a Balinese massage nearby at the Milano salon .

After all, apart from woodcarving and stonecarving, Ubud is considered to be THE place for spas, massage and whatever thing revolving around body and spirit rejuvination (hem...).

When coming out, I went take an expresso and a piece of chocolate cake at a typical expat'-like cafe called Kafe Watan Baru. It is apparently well-known in Bali and they play chill-out music Cafe Del Mar and Buddha-Bar like.

This is somewhat a confirmation of my initial thoughts about Bali. While accommodation at the bottom-end is exceptionnaly good value, budget restaurants are really really crap and terrible value. When I see that a restaurant like Watan Baru is able to serve good food in a clean place, stylishly decorated with good staff and service at a price that is less than twice the price of tourist warungs, it really means that there is room for improvement in this area.

Now as I am in some touristy area, the mission is to find a sports cafe that will display the Indianapolis F1 GP at 1AM tonight ! I cannot miss that, it looks damn hot ! I went to some kind of reggae bar in Monkey Road as they are showing sports event (and again a premier league match at 11PM). I asked the manager if he was staying open for the GP but he wasn't sure as they are normally closing at that time, but he told me that otherwise I could come and watch it even if they are closing, there will be someone here.

Fingers crossed.

Posted by stephane at September 28, 2003 02:20 PM