October 17, 2003

Back from the liveaboard

I'm just back tonight from the liveboard in Manado. Overall this was great for critters as most of us were able to see things that we never saw before. The muck diving in Lembeh Straits is simply amazing considering all you can see in this place. Expect some crazy pictures posted soon. Which means more or less once I'm in Perth, Australia. If things go well it should be online by monday, at least I hope so.

On the bad side the Ikelite strobe stopped working in the middle of the liveaboard to make things frustrating. A big thanks to David, that gave me his own Ikelite strobe as a replacement for the last days. His own was serviced by Ikelite 2 days before the liveaboard and it was working erratically, sometimes firing, sometimes not so he was using his (better) Inon D180 strobe. But that was much better than nothing working at all, even though I missed some unbelievable pictures because of this.

I will send it to back Ikelite once I'm in Perth and will request immediate action taken to fix the problem and have them send it back to me in a matter of days.

Posted by stephane at October 17, 2003 01:11 PM

Content de voir que tu es revenu enchanté de ta croisière.
Décidement, tu n'as pas de chance à ton équipement photo, après l'appareil (bon celui-là, tu lui en avais fait voir pas mal), voila que ton strobe tout neuf te fait faux-bon

Alors, c'était comment la plongée? Tu as profité de cette expérience?

Posted by: Fabrice on October 18, 2003 09:29 AM

La photo sous marine, ca met l' equipement a rude epreuve, surtout quand on voyage 'light' and 'cheap'. J'aurai sans doute moins de problemes avec $5000 d'equipement et accessoires mais la pour le moment ca le fait pas.

Pour la plongee, ca a ete, 45 plongees, 3288 minutes sous l'eau, a peu pres 2500 photos (bon y'a du dechet hein mais y'a aussi du bon dans le lot )

Posted by: stephane on October 18, 2003 02:53 PM

We dove Mabul and Sipidan last year and are returning this year, with a trip to Manado planned also Yoeu picturmentary makes me anxious to leave immediatly. "GREAT JOB".

Posted by: Dave Garcia on March 25, 2005 04:48 PM