October 18, 2003


I just arrived in Perth this evening after a flawless flight from Denpasar. I had the usual inquisitive/long bag search of the customs in look for any dust I could bring from outer space or cheese from somewhere else (France ?). I have been asked 3 or 4 times between the visa desk and customs if really understood what was written in the customs declaration form or if I had any food. Do you have any food items ? Are you sure ? Are you really sure ? Are you totally sure ?

I'm staying at Billabong as Shiralee was full (and mostly all backpackers) because of the Rugby World Cup match of today: England vs South Africa. So it looks like it is packed with Brits (but as everyone knows Brits are in Oz while Aussies are in UK). Strangely all the girls I have seen for now in this place look like prostitutes. Not that they are (who knows ?) but they obviouslly go shopping for makeup every 2 days considering the ugly load of painting...

Techno music is good here at the radio though.

And I must say that I'm freezing in this place ! Temperature ranges between 10 and 20C in Perth while it was between 25 and 30C in Indonesia.

I will have to take a picture of the dorm. This is such a mess that Oz backpackers reputation is at its stake here. Anyone having travelled in Oz usually have tales about 16-bed dorms with lads coming straight from a booze party in the early morning and do as much noise as a steel factory when going to bed or alternatively shagging in the dorm. Nothing like that for now. It is a 2-room dorm with 4-bed/2-bed but it looks like there has been a riot in it.

At first glance and after reading the local backpacker ads, I must say that backpacking in Oz seems to be equivalent of roaming the local bars. The Rugby World Cup obviouslly does not help.

Posted by stephane at October 18, 2003 03:45 PM