October 05, 2003

Day 1: Bunaken

First dives in Bunaken with the crowd, that is: Bob Whorton, Darren Taylor, Todd Mintz, Ross Atkinson, Christin Boyd, Herb Ko, Heather Mullen, Gail Kinster, David Grundy, Vince Webster, Craig Jones and myself. We are onboard of the Serenade from Murex.

#01: Location: Fukui, SI: , Max. Depth: 24.7m, Time: 71min
#02: Location: Moshico, SI: 2h04min, Max. Depth: 23.7m, Time: 65min
#03: Location: Lekuan II, SI: 2h43min, Max. Depth: 26.6m, Time: 79min
#04: Location: Bunaken timur, SI: 1h40min, Max. Depth: 13.6m, Time: 65min


Posted by stephane at October 5, 2003 05:42 AM