October 07, 2003

Day 3: Pygmy Seahorse

Stunning dives in Lembeh with the long awaited pygmy seahorse (around 15mm long). Not far from a magnificent orange frogfish, I was under heavy attack by a big damselfish that kept charging me and my camera.

I managed to take a shot of it while he was going forward at high speed (I missed about 20 shots from previous attacks to get this one). That said I have been bitten by those nasty black and white anemonefish that are quite aggressive in the area. If damselfish were the size of sharks, it is quite certain that you would never make it into the water ! I was bitten hard by one of them on a finger and felt the attack on my arms through my 5mm wetsuit. You can hear most of them underwater as they are clapping their jaws when you start getting close to their anemone.

#09: Location: Nudi Falls, SI: 9h55min, Max. Depth: 19.7m, Time: 65min
#10: Location: Angel Window, SI: 1h31min, Max. Depth: 30.5m, Time: 73min
#11: Location: Hair Ball, SI: 2h02min, Max. Depth: 21.9m, Time: 93min
#12: Location: Police Pier, SI: 2h10min, Max. Depth: 21.5m, Time: 72min
#13: Location: Serena Kecil, SI: 1h35min, Max. Depth: 12.5m, Time: 73min

Painted frogfish Painted frogfish Pygmy seahorse Pink squat lobster Commensal shrimp, Periclemines cornutus Yellow-edged moray Pteraeolidia ianthina, facelinidae nudibranch Cockatoo waspfish Yellow giant frogfish Hypselodoris bullockii, chromodorididae nudibranch short-spinned porcupinefish Ribbon eel Orange frogfish Banggai cardinalfish Attack of the damselfish Commensal shrimp, Periclemenes holthuisi

Posted by stephane at October 7, 2003 05:48 AM

Wow! Awsome photos!!

Would it be possible to get the original shot of the bangaii cardinal fish or atleast a pic big enough to make into a wallpaper???


Posted by: Dennis on October 21, 2003 04:35 AM

Hi Dennis, Thanks for the comments !
It is always very nice to see that people like the pictures at least it makes the pain of doing a weblog with pictures worth it.

That said, it starts to have some success and the bandwith has literally exploded with the post of these pictures so it starts to be critical. I will probably have to subscribe to a super-megatop-gold-premium plan.

If I make large-size pictures available online this will be worse. I don't mind doing it but will not mind having some financial compensation for it... I shot myself in the foot to get the new photo gear and I'm not talking about the liveaboard.

I don't feel like charging a fixed fee for it so I will probably put a 'paypal donation' button online and people would be able to give what they feel/can, should it be US$0.01. That said, if the bandwidth cost proves to be too high compare to the revenue I will have to cancel that.

Is that fair ? I will explain more in an article later.

Posted by: stephane on October 22, 2003 03:35 AM

Gee Steph, I thought it was only Herb who was blessed with animal magnetism! Those damsel fish must love you.

Posted by: Heather on October 24, 2003 12:36 PM