October 08, 2003

Day 4: Stargazer

A good frogfish day with different species of hairy one. While landing on the sand to get pictures of something I suddenly felt something moving under my knee, I moved (quickly !) and saw a fish swimming away and burying itself 20m away in the sand... pfeew, no stonefish... I quickly went to see what was that and saw an absolutely ugly fish face: a stargazer ! Stunning !

Between nudibranchs, frogfish, wonderpus, seahorse, stargazer, flying gunnard, ghost pipefish and a few other things that was a nice day. I missed all actions shots of a moray eel hunting and eating crabs as it was so fast, I was following it for maybe 15 minutes during the night dive. Too bad.

#14: Location: Nudi Falls, SI: 10h25min, Max. Depth: 18.3m, Time: 93min
#15: Location: Jahir, SI: 2h29min, Max. Depth: 13.2m, Time: 95min
#16: Location: Retak Lery, SI: 2h13min, Max. Depth: 15.6m, Time: 94min
#17: Location: Retak Lery, SI: 1h04min, Max. Depth: 4.3m, Time: 42min
#18: Location: Retak Lery, SI: 0h26min, Max. Depth: 9.9m, Time: 66min

Commensal shrimp, Periclemenes tosaensis Banggai cardinalfish Halgerda malesso, Halgerdidae nudibranch Halgerda malesso, Halgerdidae nudibranch Mimic octopus Mimic octopus Frogfish Frogfish Frogfish Frogfish unindentified nudibranch Hairy frogfish Hairy frogfish Hairy frogfish Hairy frogfish Stingray eye Cockatoo waspfish Hairy frogfish Hairy frogfish Hairy frogfish Baby sweetlips. Taken with max. zoom and macro lens ! Size about 1cm Ghost pipefish Puffer Wonderpus Hydatina physis, nudibranch

Posted by stephane at October 8, 2003 05:50 AM