October 10, 2003

Day 6: More frogfish

We are not tired of seing frogfish as they are truely amazing creatures. The good thing is that the dive sites are full of other interesting critters as well and it is packed with nudibranchs.

#23: Location: Nudi Falls, SI: 11h09min, Max. Depth: 18.1m, Time: 104min
#24: Location: Nudi Retreat, SI: 1h39min, Max. Depth: 27.8m, Time: 91min
#25: Location: Jahir, SI: 3h26min, Max. Depth: 14.7m, Time: 108min

Halgerda malesso, Halgerdidae nudibranch Chromodoris reticulata, chromodorididae nudibranch Hypselodoris bullockii, chromodorididae nudibranch Hypselodoris bullockii, chromodorididae nudibranch Frogfish Frogfish Frogfish Frogfish Frogfish Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips Juvenile Batfish Glossodoris cincta, chromodorididae nudibranch unindentified nudibranch unindentified nudibranch Glossodoris cincta, chromodorididae nudibranch Coral goby Hypselodoris bullockii, chromodorididae nudibranch Pipefish Pipefish Pipefish Chromodoris boucheti, chromodorididae Devil scorpionfish Devil scorpionfish

Posted by stephane at October 10, 2003 05:54 AM