October 11, 2003

Day 7: And even more...

Tough morning dive at Batu Pendeta. After about 30 minutes the current got stronger but fortunately some rocks offered a welcome shelter. For a few minutes only as the angle switched a few minutes later making the safety stop a challenge without drifting away. We were hanging to the rocks to avoid drifting away as can be seen from one pic.

A good day at Tanjung Usi with frogfish. 3 blacks and 1 green giant one, as well as a small pink one a meter away. As you can see the placid pink one does not really mind if a leaffish is standing with a fin right in his face
I must say that Opo and Kennedy are really good at spotting frogfish. It is especially impressive with the black ones but also for the rest. For instance, Todd was shooting the leaffish that was about 10cm from the pink frogfish without realizing but after the dive that it was here. Some of them are so similar to a sponge that it makes identification a challenge especially when they are well integrated in the landscape.

#26: Location: Batu Pendeta Island, SI: 14h09min, Max. Depth: 28.8m, Time: 55min
#27: Location: Sahaung, SI: 2h07min, Max. Depth: 33.3m, Time: 65min
#28: Location: Tanjung Usi, SI: 3h14min, Max. Depth: 17.9m, Time: 85min
#29: Location: Tanjung Usi, SI: , Max. Depth: 14.2m, Time: 43min

Pygmy seahorse Pygmy seahorse Pygmy seahorse Pygmy seahorse Chromodoris sp., chromodorididae David and Hobo hanging to the rocks. You get an idea of the current. Giant moray Commensal shrimp, Periclimenes imperator Commensal shrimp, Periclimenes imperator Bangka island Bangka island Ross cleaning his camera Ross underwater Chromodoris sp. Soft coral Kennedy behind a giant frogfish Giant frogfish Pink frogfish Pink frogfish Pink frogfish Giant frogfish Me next to a giant frogfish Me underwater Skipper of the chase boat looking around at what's going on Giant frogfish

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