October 12, 2003

Day 8: Moving North

No night dive tonight as we must leave early in the afternoon to prepare for the long ride in the north. It is not that far relatively speaking but the boat is by no mean a F1 as it goes only to 4-5kt. To make things worse the sea is not helping us.

#30: Location: Batu Goso, SI: 15h36min, Max. Depth: 36.4m, Time: 79min
#31: Location: Batu Tiga, SI: 2h02min, Max. Depth: 27.2m, Time: 70min
#32: Location: Sahaung II, SI: 2h32min, Max. Depth: 24.2m, Time: 50min

Lionfish Lionfish Nembrotha sp., polyceridae Nembrotha rutilans, polyceridae nudibranch Me underwater. No need for mask and regulator ;) Chase boat from down under Chromodoris willani, chromodorididae Glossodoris atromarginata, chromodorididae Commensal shrimp, Dasycaris zanzibarica Chromodoris lochi, chromodorididae Chromodoris lochi, chromodorididae Scorpionfish eye

Posted by stephane at October 12, 2003 06:00 AM