October 15, 2003

Day 11: Wreck day

Excellent wreck packed with critters. Very few pictures as the strobe was not very cooperative and I apparently forgot to change the camera batteries. Could not be more frustrating. We went into the sticks afterwards which is packed with critters at a shallow depth. even after 79min I had almost 150 bars as I spent all of it at a maximum depth of 3.3m !

The night dive in Paradise (there is a hot water source) was outstanding despite the very low visibility and just at the entry point I missed shots of a moray eating a fish as the strobe would not fire ! ARGHH !

#40: Location: Mawali wreck, SI: 12h09min, Max. Depth: 29m, Time: 49min
#41: Location: Sticks, SI: 1h48min, Max. Depth: 3.3m, Time: 79min
#42: Location: Retak Lery, SI: 4h30min, Max. Depth: 19.8m, Time: 83min
#43: Location: ND Paradise, SI: 1h18min, Max. Depth: 12.8m, Time: 57min

unidentified nudibranch unidentified nudibranch Jorunna funebris, kentrododriddidae nudibranch Thecacera picta, polyceridae nudibranch Phyllidia ocellata, phyllidiidae nudibranch unindentified nudibranch Grey/Black frogfish Grey/Black frogfish Grey/Black giant frogfish Crocodilefish eye Calamari squid

Posted by stephane at October 15, 2003 06:07 AM

Missed out in this cos of my flu, but did get a nice blue on here on Sangalaki yesterday.

Posted by: Bob on October 20, 2003 07:37 AM

That's what you get when sleeping 23h a day in a AC room

Posted by: stephane on October 20, 2003 08:01 AM