October 16, 2003

Day 12: Last day

The last 2 dives as I'm flying the next day at 2PM and must respect a no-fly time of 24h for safety. It happened to be nice as we were able to see turtle, manta ray and sharks albeit from quite a distance. The first dive was awesome due to great visibility, sunshine, and school of fishes making it nice for wide angle.

#44: Location: Pangulingan, SI: 11h33min, Max. Depth: 32m, Time: 56min
#45: Location: Likuan I (Satu), SI: 1h35min, Max. Depth: 31.2m, Time: 64min

Sooooo. To sum up, in these 12 days, I did 45 dives with a total time of 3288 minutes (54 hours and 48 minutes) underwater, meaning an average dive of 73 minutes which is not so bad. As Craig mentioned once, anything less than 60 minutes can be considered half a dive

Speaking about Craig, he left us in the middle of the trip to go to another liveaboard on a Komodo. He was shooting with a D100 and a pair of INON Z220 and is not only extremely talented but also a very nice guy underwater who does not hesitate to give you a hand with uncooperative critters so that you can get a better shot of it. Among other things he deserves some credits for the Emperor shrimps (but he got a stunning one of them !). You can check his website, though it only includes videos and none of his stunning shots.

A big thanks to Bob for giving me the opportunity to jump on that liveaboard.

Todd School of giant barracudas School of giant barracudas School of giant trevallys Giant trevally Ross

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