October 24, 2003


I'm right now staying in Bunbury which is well known for being able to swim with dolphins when you can do it, that is: not now. Bunburry is located about 200km south of Perth, so as you can see I have been driving a bit since yesterday as I was 250km north . I stopped along the way to Whiteman Park slightly north of Perth to take some pictures of some koalas and was briefed extensively by a cool ranger about Victorian koalas.

Unless what I though a koala is not a solitary animal but rather is part of a community of several individuals and a dominant male has a harem of females. It is not drinking at all as it takes water from all the leaves eaten. It sleeps about 18h a day and has 2 special claws on the back legs to scratch itself.

While driving south I stopped in Rockhingam which is well known for...being able to swim with dolphins. It is only 35km south of Perth, and there is basically nothing there. The beach is awesome with stunning sea colors and a first-class views on the factories nearby...

No I did not swim with dolphins. Maybe when I come back to Perth, I'm first trying to figure out what kind of tourist crap it is. Before coming to Oz, I have been reading a lot about the Monkey Mia dolphins (far north from Perth, just before Exmouth) and there was also an article in a late Asian Diver issue, probably June or July. Apparently it seems a bot overcrowded and I'm not sure the experience is worth it assuming you can really do it, but one thing is sure, it is highly publicized in Perth...

Kangaroo crossing the road near Cervantes Kangaroo Kangaroo Kangaroo Kangaroo Baby kangaroo travelling in style inside the mother's pouch Baby kangaroo travelling in style inside the mother's pouch Blue wing kookaburra Victorian Koala Victorian Koala Victorian Koala Victorian Koala female with a 11-month baby Victorian Koala Victorian Koala Victorian Koala Victorian Koala. Back leg. Notice the double claw used for scratching. Victorian Koala. Front leg Victorian Koala

Posted by stephane at October 24, 2003 11:45 AM

Searching on the internet I found your note about Bunburry. We where there in July/august of this year 2003. We saw the dolfins but we did not swimm with them. This summer we were in Australie visiting family in Bicton and Spearwood, (place nearby Perth/Fremantle. It was nice to look at your site. Please don't my grammer, speaking english is more easyer than writing, because we come from Holland. Bye Bye

Posted by: Family koudijs Holland on November 17, 2003 08:15 PM