October 25, 2003

Margaret River

Before leaving from Bunbury I went early morning to the Dolphin Discovery Centre, or more exactly the beach facing it. This is the place where dolphins are sometimes coming. I went there to check the water, as you can 'float' (no real swimming authorized) if dolphins are around. But visibility was crap so I was not very tempted to try. That said, the dolphins came a few minutes later (no shots sorry) only for a couple of minutes and then went away.

While waiting a potential come-back I was talking to one of the guest of the backpacker hostel, Karl, who was a yoga teacher. He was from Germany originally but spend more of his time travelling and coming back to India to see his yoga master. When two overweighted women made their appearance on the beach (I recognized them from the backpacker hostel), he told me that if I make the mistake to talk with them, they will talk to me for the next 3 hours and one of them will constantly glorify her partner and telling lots of stories about her, especially mystical relationships with animals...

Anyway, they were sitting on the beach nearby when they started again the conversation with Karl about dolphins. They were talking so much bullshit that it was just unbelievable. As I have been told, one of them was telling stories about her 'friend' like she was used to interact with dolphins and was looking for places in the world to have intimate interaction with them, in Hawaii once she was in the water, dolphins were coming nearby (we asked about the name of the island but she conveniently told us it was a 'private one'), she was coming to Australia to swim with Great White Shark because Rodney Fox was looking for a woman to do this and she was the only one brave enough to do it, she was doing seminars, she was writing a book about animal interaction with humans, etc...

After probably realizing we weren't very passionate about listening such bullshit, they went to chose another group of people on the beach. From what Karl told me it was exactly the same the same pattern as the previous day when they spent the next hours torturing a swiss girl

Anyway, after this entertaining moment, I went down to Margaret River, stopping in Busselton. Busselton is well known for its jetty that stretches 2 kilometers into Geographe Bay ! I then went to Cape Naturaliste stopping in the whale look-out (I actually saw a few whales) and at Sugarloaf rock (nothing exciting).

I'm now staying slightly away from Margaret River at a place called Surfpoint Resort which is overlooking the ocean.

Bunbury cricket club Bunbury cricket club Busselton Jetty Busselton Jetty Busselton Jetty Busselton Jetty Busselton Jetty Beach near Margaret River Beach near Margaret River Kitesurfing in Margaret River Oz road sign #1/3: you can see an intersection in a left turn without any idea where it goes. Speed limit 60 Oz road sign #2/3: How convenient, there is a sign just there... Oz road sign #3/3: What do you do now ? stay on the left ? stay on the right and read the signs ? Cape Naturaliste. There are actually some whales a bit further from the coast but we cannot see them on the pictures. Cape Naturaliste. There are actually some whales a bit further from the coast but we cannot see them on the pictures. Cape Naturaliste Sugarloaf rock at Cape Naturaliste Nature at Cape Naturaliste

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