October 30, 2003


After a quick and short drive to Cape Le Grand situated about 60km east of Esperance, I rejoined the main (only) highway (road) to Kalgoorlie. A few kilometers later, I amazingly joined Susie, Sarah and Pete on the way to Kalgoorlie. Susie managed to impress me by driving twice over the speed limit in some areas and deciding to overtake a queue of vehicules stopped at the roadwork. The lollipop man handed her the 'stop' sign desperately while I was laughing in my car at the back of the queue.

After a couple of hundred kilometers of deserted areas, I arrived at Kalgoorlie. Kalgoorlie-Boulder is the mining capital of Australia, famous for its goldrush past. I quickly went to the Boulder super-pit to watch the amazing ballet of vehicules carrying 200 tonnes of rocks and to the City Hall. I'm now staying in Golddust Backpackers (A$17) which is probably better than anything you can find in Perth.

Hellfilre Bay at Cape Le Grand, 60km east of Esperance Super-pit at Koolgarlie-Boulder Super-pit at Koolgarlie-Boulder Super-pit at Koolgarlie-Boulder Kanowna Belle pit Hannan st in Kalgoorlie York hotel where the terrace was supposed to be years earlier a mix of vomit and empty cans Paddy Hannan statue, the 'discoverer' of the gold in Kalgoorlie Koolgarlie City Hall Koolgarlie-Boulder from Mt Charlotte lookout

Posted by stephane at October 30, 2003 09:45 AM