October 29, 2003


Esperance is named after a French Naval vessel sheltered from a storm in a bay a few kilometers from the present town. It is also known as the Bay of Isles due to the vast number of small islands offshore and it has absolutely amazing white sand beaches with stunning shades of blue. The downside being that it is incredibly windy with an average of 27km/h a year.

Esperance is about 500km east of Albany and the drive is boring like you can hardly imagine as the landscape is made of endless wheat lands or bush. To ease your drive, there is of course no radio stations available for more than 20km away from these cities... (as for the rest of WA anyway.. and the content is relatively poor).

I'm staying here at Esperance Backpackers. Very average but does the job as far as cheap accommodation is concerned. As again the whole gang is here: Susie (english), Sarah (dutch) and Pete (english) plus Valerie and James (irish). We have been doing the same road since Augusta at exactly the same pace.

It looks like the leafy sea dragon can be seen here in a jetty at Esperance and that the dives is about A$70 for 2 solo dives including equipment which looks rather cheap for Australia. Despite the presence of the sea dragon I'm not very tempted to try, plus the strobe is still in Perth.

Beach near Esperance Salmon Beach Blue Haven Twilight Beach Twilight Beach Beach from Observatory Point Wind Farm producing 14% of Esperance electricity Wind Farm producing 14% of Esperance electricity Wind turbine Wind turbine Pink Lake 11-mile beach 11-mile beach

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