October 31, 2003

Back to Perth

Yesterday evening I just realized that I was actually supposed to have the car back to Perth...mmm...in fact I probably mixed up the date concerning my planning but anyway. I tried to call back AVIS but was fighting with the phone that kept eating my coins and cutting all my calls so I never could reach AVIS which could have been useful to prevent them for declaring the car stolen and launching a nationwide police research on a French terrorist driving a blue Hyundai Getz.

So nothing extraordinary for today except that I have been driving quasi-non stop from Kalgoorlie to Perth. A mere 600km which could be nothing in France but it is Australia so speed limit is pretty strict here and kangaroos can jump in front of your car from nowhere while they keep bombarding you with road signs: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110. And don't forget the large one 'remember: 50 in built-up areas unless otherwise signed'....and more than often this is of course 'otherwise signed'.

Speaking of kangaroos, dead one are all over the sides of the road while driving around Kalgoorlie (in a circle of 300km around . I have had a big one in the middle of the road that obviouslly had a close encounter with a road-train early this morning since blood was all over the road and the head was standing 50m from the rest of the body.

In the evening, we all did what everyone is doing in Perth. Having a drink in a bar. For the records, Sarah could not get in Mustang Bar as the guys at the entrance tought she was under 18 and she did not have any ID to proove it so we ended up to the next bar . She's 23 if I remember well but the way she was dressed could indeed be misleading. Funny.

Coolgarlie Coolgarlie Coolgarlie Kalgoorlie-Perth highway A water pipeline brings water from Perth to Kalgoorlie (600km) Wheat lands Wheat lands Wheat lands

Posted by stephane at October 31, 2003 10:05 AM