November 02, 2003

Matrix Revolution Premiere

I did a walk to Sydney Botanical Garden to end up at the Sydney Opera House when I was given an invitation to enter the Opera House forecourt to see the cast and filmmakers walk the red carpet for the Matrix Revolution Premiere. The crowd was very sparse which is obviouslly why they were giving invitation like sweets on the Sydney Harbour.

In the following minutes I witnessed a memorable procession of all guests rivalizing each other in the 'worst-dress' contest. Most of the women severely overweighted decided to stuff themselves into a funky dress 2 size smaller in order to look like a stuffed sausage wrapped by a gift paper while the men were displaying their most recent 'i'm-just-waking-up-and-i'm-stoned' style. An 'artist' thing probably. Next to that any backpacker having been hiking for 5-days in the mountains without taking a shower looks like a top-model.

The TV girl that was interviewing them could not get enough of: 'Oh you look absolutely gooorgeouuus tonight. What are you wearing ?'. Hilarious. To her defense she was dressed the same way.

After a few minutes we got however a different casting. The Hilton sisters (aged 19 and 22) appeared and that was a different story. If you don't know who they are, you can guess it they are simply the great grand-daughters of the Hilton founder and are known as pretty wild animals (and they are full of cash as you can imagine). They are hot.

Finally, Keanu Reeves appeared along with Hugo Weaving and Jada Pinkett. A couple of autographs here and there, and they started the interview process before getting in the Opera House.

To give you an idea:
- 'So Keanu, that must be greeeeaaaat for you to come back to Sydney, it's nearly your 2nd home now, are you happy to be here ?'
- 'mmm...yeah yeah, it's fantastic' (looking somewhere else and said in a tone like if he was talking about gardening)

Actually every question was answered with a 'fantastic', 'great', 'awesome' or a stack of the usual bullshit adjective and said in an absolutely unconvincing tone. I'm not sure he was actually listening to the questions (probably the 549th this day). Most of the crowd was actually laughing from all this interview process.

I was disappointed as I expected a professional actor to be better at this. I've seen a lot of marketing people much better at bullshitting than that, and I'm sure you did as well during the dot-com era. Remember those 'expedite cross-media systems', 'matrix web-enabled e-tailers' or 'seize synergistic interfaces' ?

If only we could mesh cross-media communities, imagine what we could do with optimized best-of-breed markets in which bricks-and-clicks e-services could synergize 24/365 bandwidth ! All you need to do is to seize plug-and-play infomediaries to generate ubiquitous platforms and target proactive convergence.

I'm a bit off-topic here

Oh, and Hugo Weaving and Keanu Reeves looked like absolutely t-r-a-s-h-e-d. I don't know if they did not have any sleep in the last 4 days.

Matrix Revolution Premiere will be on-screen on November 6. Expect a lot of fight sequences.

Posted by stephane at November 2, 2003 10:55 AM

lol, I did the same in Sydney for de Star Wars III remastorized

Posted by: Emeric on November 5, 2003 03:27 PM