November 05, 2003

Matrix Revolutions kills Bill

I went to see Kill Bill yesterday. Surprising, as blood is flowing all over the place in a very manga/kung-fu movie like way with what looks like lousy references (That's genius). The script does not kill and is pretty linear (but it's genius). Probably a good part of the budget went on the zillion liters of red liquid they used as blood. By the way, Uma Thurman character was not very affected by the 9/11 regulations as she travels with a samurai sword in business class (ah ok, that's irony, sorry, true that the 747 is flying very strangely ).

Anyway, looks like this kind of movie is very popular since the media success of Crounching Tiger..., suddenly a whole lot of people were claiming that these movies were absolutely brillant while it was ignored for years. Now everyone jump in the martial art - manga - cartoon bandwagon and try to make something somewhat inspired from it. Of course, if you don't like it, that's because you did not get the typical asian culture behind it or the irony of it.

Bottom line, if you don't like this article, that's because you did not get the irony of it and the subtle cultural references not because I write a complete nonsense.

Shortly after coming back, I was asked by Marie to follow her along with a few other Brits (what else ?) and see Matrix Revolutions that was playing in 10 minutes. And 10 minutes later I was sitting in a theather watching the worst movie ever. As far as I can see, agent Smith is right at the movie: it does not make sense. All the movie is really a farce and anyone writing such non-sense like this should be on for an extended stay in a mental hospital. I saw it for you. Please don't go.

I have been reading an article 2 days ago in the Australian where the author was wondering if the success of such movies was really representative a new era and if it was the end of good movies (whatever that means, it's also subjective).

Everything that has a beginning has an end.


Posted by stephane at November 5, 2003 11:09 PM

I couldn't agree more after having read your opinion about the Matrix. Complete non-sense, it was absolute crap. I regret I didn't read your blog before going to the movie...

Posted by: Anthony on November 14, 2003 04:14 AM