November 08, 2003

Holmes Reef Day #1

After an endless night fighting against sea sickness, I emerged from the bed around 6AM knowing that it would be finished in about an hour. Oh did you forget, there is a 3h time-difference between Holmes Reef and the land ? oooooh shiiit ! 3 hours more to suffer ! All of us were bitten by this 'bonus' , the office or the crew was far from claiming it anyway... I will have to check on a map if it is really true.

When arriving near Holmes Reef, the sea was starting to be relatively flat. That's the moment I chose to satisfy a natural need...and stop on the way to get me a chocolate toast. That was 30s too much, I came out from the cabin just to throw up (outside the boat of course) and clean up my stomach before eating this yummy chocolate toast.

After breakfast and an absolutely endless briefing during more than 1h30min (we were even briefed for the next day, but I have the feeling it was more to waste for more time than anything else) we start the first dive. No camera on check out dive, please Excuse me ? #$%@ !

I did more than 200 dives in the last 10 months with a camera in all sort of crazy conditions including 5kts current, huge swell, 1m visibility, etc... just to be forbidden to take one when there is 50m visibility, no current and a flat sea.

Excellent start. Though I keep repeating myself that it 'could' make sense just to avoid all 'beginners' to take a camera.

Good point however, the visibility is excellent and is obviouslly more in the 50m+. The coral is in OK condition but surprisingly not that great (bleaching) and there is obviouslly very little 'small marine life'.

#01: Location: Amazing, SI: , Max. Depth: 33.1m, Time: 43min
#02: Location: Nonki, SI: 1h18min, Max. Depth: 30.1m, Time: 47min
#03: Location: Caves, SI: 1h24min, Max. Depth: 10.8m, Time: 47min
#04: Location: Caves, SI: 1h34min , Max. Depth: 13.4m, Time: 50min

A little explanation about Miriam and Heidi pictures. We were required to sign the boat dive logbook (a Queensland regulation) between the end of our dive and before entering the cabin for whatever reason. Failure to do so implied an immediate sanction: a tea spoon of Vegemite.

For those who don't know what's vegemite. That's a yeast extract spread that can only be eaten by australians (and english) for a good reason: it is absolutely disgusting.

Like kangaroos, Vegemite is part of Australian's Heritage.

To figure out the taste, it's very easy, if it already happened to you to have mechanical grease up to your tongue. It's the same. Sounds good ?

It is said by Vegemite lovers that the secret of getting vegemite to taste good is to use it sparingly and have a thin smear otherwise it overpowers your taste buds.

According to more people, it taste even better when there is NO Vegemite at all.

Miriam and Heidi ready for the Vegemite fine Disgusting might be more appropriate No more vegemite please Bigeye trevally school Bigeye trevally school Bigeye trevally school Bigeye trevally school Anemonefish Freckled hawkfish Miriam and Heidi Miriam Spotted sweetlips Spotted sweetlips Spotted sweetlips Ray and jackfish following Nudibranchs

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