November 15, 2003

Bye bye Airlie Beach

As I wrote yesterday, Airlie Beach is absolutely superficial and I feel like the main objective is to squeeze money as much as possible from tourists (with success should I say). The city centre is packed with flashy advertisement of all sorts which is far from giving a nice character to this place. Everything here is centered around the Whitsundays, so you have the choice beween sailing, snorkeling and diving. It might be nice, but I would need to stay here for more than a week to investigate what can be done and unfortunately cannot afford to stay that long as I'm running out of time.

I have never felt comfortable about businesses overselling 'unspoilt white sand beaches' and chartering hundred of people in a boat, therefore after taking breakfast and having checked out from the Waterfront Backpackers (avoid this place, it is the worst value for money I ever had, the hole where I stayed in Mombasa is even better).

Incidentally I bumped into Justin while walking around the 'lagoon'. Justin was my buddy while diving Holmes Reef and he also arrived yesterday in Airlie Beach. He was so disappointed with the place that he wanted to leave today even though he booked for 2 nights when arriving .

As of me, I booked my train to Bundaberg for tonight.

Just to fix my mistake about yesterday's room price, I'm travelling in an economy seat all night rather than taking a sleeper. Let's feel the pain.

I'm leaving Proserpine at 8:10PM and should arrive in Bundaberg around 9:00AM the next day. I will miss Australia-New Zealand rugby match tonight but everybody is expecting an All Blacks storm anyway. Can be close though.

Posted by stephane at November 15, 2003 12:31 AM