November 16, 2003


I arrived in Bundaberg this morning at 9AM after a more or less sleepless night in the train. It looks like in every compartment, a few babies or nasty kids were hired to prevent people sleeping. I'm staying at Salty's rest (A$18.) and I have yet to see someone to figure out the diving around here. The place could not be more different than Airlie Beach as there is nearly no one in the streets and it's extremely quiet.

As for the Rugby, we managed to see the Wallabies crushing the All Blacks 22-10. It looks like New Zealand will be in recession starting by today.

I hope that England will be kicked out by France tonight. Reading the newspaper here, it is funny to read that every now and then French are assimilated to finesse and perfection. The French touch in a way, thing that no one in France know what this is exactly. The Australian press as of now seems to highly support France game, if we were to face the Wallabies in the finale, I'm pretty sure the treatment would be a little bit different.

By the way, France is also giving some arguments to Australia. There is a small polemic in Victoria about the use of automated speed cameras as there have been quite a few mistakes recently where a Volvo truck was 'caught' over 170km/h uphill and an old 1970s Datsun at 160km/h . The fact that nearly all new speed cameras installed in France have been attacked with bullets, paint, stones or sledgehammer a few days after their installation seems to please them.

Posted by stephane at November 16, 2003 05:06 AM

I hope you tasted the Bundaberg rhum... and also you've seen the turtle

Posted by: Emeric on November 18, 2003 03:06 PM