November 25, 2003


I arrived in Christchurch yesterday evening around 9PM. I'm now in GMT+13 zone and +1 for summer time. I successfully passed the customs test: any cheese ? food ? and was being sniffed by a couple of food-looking-dogs while queuing at the immigration:what's your plan for the next 3 weeks ?...mmm... let me think, oh yeah !. I've got all the scuba equipment already in my bag so I was thinking of doing a remake of the Rainbow Warrior and blow a ship in the Auckland port, but this time without getting caught of course. I avoided doing such a joke since they normally don't have a sense of humor at the immigration

I found however the customs/immigration arrival card to be quite funny:

Prohibited and restricted good include:
Objectionable (indecent) articles such as video tapes, films, records, CD-ROMS, and publications

mmm. I take it as Playboy does not exist in New Zealand.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are required by law to leave New Zealand before your permit expires. If you do not do this, the New Zealand Immigration service has the power to make you leave
Scary, uh ?

As usual when leaving the airport, I started worrying about where to stay. I grabbed a phone and asked for availability at the first backpacker I randomly selected: Charlie B's near Latimer square. I took a shuttle bus (NZ$15) to the city and dropped my bags in this factory (NZ$15).

Just imagine that there are 20 beds in my room arranged in a way that would make any dot-com office designer dying of jealousy. Small cubicles made of 2 bunk-beds where you can barely put your bags. Roughly it is not bigger than a sleeper cabin in a train.

Posted by stephane at November 25, 2003 11:58 PM