November 26, 2003

Looking for a car

I'm currently looking to hire a car among the bazillions of rental companies available in Christchurch. AVIS & cie are much too expensive as I would reach a whopping NZ$800 for 14 days. There is no way to put the car in the ferry between the 2 islands (you need to book long in advance) so rental companies usually let you drop the car in Picton and you get another one waiting for you in Wellington (or vice versa if you are travelling from Auckland).

As it is, rental companies are looking for people to bring back cars up north in a Wellington-Auckland or Christchurch-Picton. Thrifty gives you the car for free if you do that..but you have to do it in 48h. As there is no small profit, AVIS charges you NZ$20 for the same and National NZ$1. Weirdos !

Budget wins hands down by giving 24h and asking NZ$20. bastards !

I'm thinking of getting a cheap backpacker 'wreck' in those cheapos backpacker rental companies. Drive around, go back to Christchurch. Take a car to National and drive it to Picton. And do somewhat the same in the north island.

Problem is, there are many things to do around here (though, budget is an issue) and I would have to make a heartbraking choice. Damned. I think I should also skip Hawaii in the process of rerouting my flights to the US and spend more days in NZ.

Posted by stephane at November 26, 2003 08:20 AM