November 27, 2003


I was still undecided this morning about what to do. I checked again for car rental prices by going directly to the companies and finally selected Ace Rental Car, I got the car at NZ$35/day. A Nissan Starlet with about 227,000km. I could have it for NZ$25 if I was taking it for 3 weeks and bringing it on the ferry to Auckland but 7 days should do, I will either bring back the car to Christchurch or take it up to Picton (ferry terminal). I have been driving all the way down to Dunedin and I'm now staying at Central Backpackers (NZ$19) close to the Octagon.

It took me about 6 hours to drive only 380km ! The road is not first-class here and is somewhat busy with big transport trucks (of course there is only one road), moreover it was raining constantly. No wonder the landscape is so green here if it rains that much in summer, brits must feel at home ! To even go further I noticed that all farmers obviouslly decided that it was not enough and all irrigation systems in the fields were working during the showers...

For the record, I escaped a road accident less than 100km from Christchurch with an idiot that forgot priorities. He probably did not even look. Overall I think the driving here is pretty risky between road status, speedy trucks and gravels (they are obviously constantly fixing the road) that knock your paint and windscreen off.

Playing chess in Dunedin New Zealand is covered with signs in Japanese or Korean. Sheep land Boulder Beach, on the road to Dunedin Boulder Beach, on the road to Dunedin A Church in the Octagon, Dunedin Dunedin

Posted by stephane at November 27, 2003 06:06 AM