December 01, 2003

Franz Josef Glacier

I made my way to Franz Josef Glacier through Cromwell and Wanaka. After Wanaka, I picked up Peter, a canadian from Vancouver that was hitch hiking in the middle of nowhere. He had 2 different lifts to come barely a few kilometers from Wanaka and was walking for 3.5 hours when I stopped. He was going to Franz Josef as well. I'm staying at Montrose Backpackers (NZ$21) up there and it's pretty cloudy. I will elaborate later about today's journey as I don't have much time right now.

Around Wanaka Around Wanaka Around Wanaka Diamond Lake Treble Cone Treble Cone Treble Cone Treble Cone Lake Hawea Getting close to Haast Between Haast and Franz Josef

Posted by stephane at December 1, 2003 07:20 AM