December 03, 2003

Seals Point

I did two dives today with New Zealand Sea Adventures just to check around. You are supposed to see seals around here and that's what they advertise everywhere of course. Seals are as active as koalas. While a koala spend most of his time sleeping in an eucalyptus, a seal spend most of his time sleeping on a rock.

So you have roughly as much chance as diving with seals than seeing a koala jumping from a tree. It does happen...sometimes. Plus the ocean is quite big, so as there are not thousand of seals around here, you get the idea of your chance of meeting a seal underwater in Kaikoura. Alternatively I have never been so cold underwater ! The water was a chilly 12C...even with a 2-piece 7mm I was freezing.

Okay, so what do we see here ? mm a couple of fish swimming around. A LOT of cold water algae (pictures later). Some crayfish (Kaikoura means 'Feast of crayfish' in Maori), a nudibranch, spider crabs and two friendly octopus getting close and personal with my camera. I had some trouble removing one of them wrapped around. Nice way to fish.

Alternatively Kaikoura is said to be a nice place to see Giant Squids (yeah you know those being up to 10m) and other deep water species assuming you can dive around 6000m.

algae Spider crab Undetermined nudibranch Octopus Octopus Octopus Starfish Sponge

Posted by stephane at December 3, 2003 08:03 AM