December 06, 2003

AVIS Web Quote

I'm checking (again) rental rates in order to get the most of it and I'm stunned by the prices difference quoted depending on your country of residence.

For 10 days and a sub-compact, if I say I live in France or USA, on the AVIS website I'm quoted $NZ918. If in New Zealand $NZ531, Australia $NZ552.

For what it's worth, when I gave back the car yesterday in Picton, I was quoted $NZ450 at the office.

Now, if I used this 5% reduction coupon (R015200) that Avis gave me in Christchurch I have the following: France/USA: $NZ643 (40% off), Australia: $NZ524 (5% off), New Zealand: $NZ531 (0% off).

If I use another coupon code (check out flyer talk if you want it ), I'm quoted about $NZ441 if I live in Australia, $NZ734 if in France/USA and unchanged in New Zealand.

Morale of the story ? Never book your damn car on the internet but show up at the counter desk at the last minute. If they don't have any car available, go somewhere else. There are plenty of rental companies, it's unlikely that they will all be fully booked.

By the way, I think it is not recommended to lie about your country of residence. If you have an accident with the car, the information might be used against you by your insurance to say you did a false declaration but of course that is all speculation. Everybody know that insurances are well known for their extremely fair business practices.

Posted by stephane at December 6, 2003 10:23 PM