December 09, 2003


While passing by Avis this morning I asked for a quote for taking a small car for the remaining week and got a nice rate that I decreased further with Avis$ummer Drive deal (rent for 6 days, pay for 5), which gives me about $NZ40 /day. I gave the other car back a few hours later and I was able to use my natural charm (hem) to have the lady upgrade me for free (we both turned 30 recently so we had something to talk about ). It was obviouslly better for them (and me) to give me the same car to avoid cleaning it. Deal. And a few hours later I'm 150km north of Auckland in the town of Whangarei which is somewhat a gateway to dive the Poor Knights islands. I'm staying at Bunkdown Lodge ($NZ22).

Posted by stephane at December 9, 2003 07:17 AM