December 12, 2003


I left Whangarei and I have been driving to Paihia about 100km north. I will be diving the Rainbow Warrior tomorrow with Paihia Dive and will probably go back to Whangarei in the late afternoon. As you can guess it from a previous article, the Rainbow Warrior is rated in the flyers as one of the top 10 wreck dives in the world.

Special mention to Bay Adventurer lodge for being a little bit slow:

I come to this place based on a recommendation from the dive center. I ask for vacancy. The manager tells me there is nothing as of now, but probably if I can come back in one hour he will certainly have vacancy (this seems strange already as this is what check-out time are for). I tell him I'll have lunch and come back later.

More than one hour later, I come back and I'm told there is nothing. I jump in the car to look somewhere else and he is running to tell me that there is something available if I don't mind waiting an hour to check-in. No sweat. I'm not in a hurry anyway, I ask him what I can do around meanwhile and he gives me splendid advices to waste my money into doing a boat cruise around an arch like I have seen dozen in the Poor Knights, a jet boat trip or whatever touristic pricey activity where he obviously can get a good commission of it. No thanks. I use this waiting time to work on the pictures (I will upload them asap).

After a while, tired of waiting, I come back to the reception and ask him if he has an idea at what time I will be able to check-in. He does not seem to understand, more exactly he does not seem to remember me. And even more exactly after obviously remembering me and mumbling some words of pointless excuses he tells me that he has nothing available at this point.

I thought that you had to be a bit physionomist to work in the hotel/tourism industry, obviouslly not here. And I think that as a potential customer, I was cooperative enough...

Posted by stephane at December 12, 2003 03:17 AM