January 05, 2004

The Lost Blue Hole

Another Blue Hole after the one from Dahab in Egypt (there seems to be a few around here, as it looks like there is also one in the Berry islands). Is this one worth it ? Well, there are quite a few differences from the one in Dahab.

The top of the hole (or the normal bottom) is about 15m deep and it's all white sand. As we were restricted to 25m, it's hard to have a full view of the hole from below. It's probably better from 30/35m as it is not very wide. In contrast, the top of the Blue Hole in Dahab starts at barely 50cm with magnificent hard corals and loads of fish.

Here you are looking a little bit for the fish, but you may find some stingrays in the sand nearby the hole.

Note to divers. It looks like there is a tendancy among operators to feed the fish at every dive (or at least allowing tourists to do so by selling them the food for $1 so that they get plenty of fish around them...)

Inside the Blue Hole Inside the Blue Hole Trumpetfish

Posted by stephane at January 5, 2004 05:40 PM