December 29, 2003

Bimini Undersea

We decided to give a try to the local dive operation as we are pretty limited due to the draft of the boat. With 7ft, it is hard to move as the Bahamas can be pretty shallow for miles and miles and miles. If we take the dinghy it gets easier but we cannot go very far. We can now say: Been there, dove that with Bimini Undersea...and will do it myself next time. There is an attitude problem with this operator and it's not worth paying US$89 for a 2 tank-dive. I was not convinced after a first contact as I have seen more warmth from a hungry predator and they were not able to answer adequatly any of my questions concerning the particularity of each dive site. I feel they probably got more questions about the presence of toilets onboard than anything else regarding the dive.

Coral life on The Barge, Bimini Coral life on The Barge, Bimini Coral life on The Barge, Bimini Coral life on The Barge, Bimini The Barge, Bimini The Barge, Bimini Squirrelfish and foureye butterflyfish in front of a sea fan French angelfish Lobster Bluestripped grunt Lobster Barracuda

Posted by stephane at December 29, 2003 05:58 PM

I completely agree regarding the paucity of knowledge that Bimini Undersea had about the life at the dive sites and the attitude issues of their operation. They tried to kick us (mango Tango) off a site and were extremely condascending about it. And, in the end, the site was rather damaged.

Posted by: Mey on January 15, 2004 08:58 PM