January 08, 2004

Shallow water

Because of a strong wind we could not go diving the Shipyard and Mahoney wreck. Sea was a little bit rough but nothing major, but as it is a bit americanized they prefer to not take any risk with people. To quote an article in the January issue of US magazine Dive Training that I picked up in Miami. You should understand a cautionary note about the American civil legal process: anyone can sue anyone at anytime for anything.

So basically if someone is smashing herself in the diveboat platform because of the surge, it is more than likely that she will sue the skipper because he stopped the boat here, the crew because they did not push her away, the company because they are responsible, the other divers because they should have helped her, the fish because they were looking, the sea because it was moving and the wind because it was blowing.

At the end of it, we were dropped in 1-4m of water. Now, that's safety !

As for the article in Dive Training, it was related to a reply from the magazine where a diver was reconsidering taking a Rescue Diver course because he was told that he would have a legal obligation to render assistance anytime he saw an accident or would be held liable if an accident happened where he was not in a position to prevent it.

The answer is obviouslly: of course not, but.

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Posted by stephane at January 8, 2004 10:06 PM