January 08, 2004


Remember Bimini Undersea ? Well on the 'subscription' form, they were asking for our email address just next to the contact information in case of accident. Since then I'm being spammed by these guys: 4 emails in 4 days ! That's dedication ! First email was a thank you email which is fine. The next 2 ones were a Post Holiday update about what's (not) happening in Bimini. The fourth one is asking me to fill a customer satisfaction survey ! Wow ! Thank you so much for such attention, I wish I had that much when we were diving, I think it is a bit strange to not take care a single second about customers and flood them with email asking for feedback and how they care about you !

About the survey, there is a full section about your flight from Fort Lauderdale and Bimini and vice versa, and if your flight was on time and if you want the airline to contact you (NO !), would you fly again, would you recommend it, did you fly on a sea place ? was the weather the cause of the delay ? etc... and of course you cannot go to the next section even if you say you did not fly Chalk Airways and nearly all informations are mandatory to fill while everything is N/A...

I just sent them a nice email explaining kindly that their is something wrong in their approach which is all but user friendly and certainly not courteous. I never asked to subscribe to daily emails, so I don't have to unsubscribe me. Otherwise this is SPAM. Amazingly their DNS is listed as a relay for SPAM.

Posted by stephane at January 8, 2004 10:32 PM