January 17, 2004


I arrived in Paris a few hours ago. The flight from Miami with American Airlines was a nightmare and a complete mess. My flight audio system was again not working properly (I'm very lucky with this each time I'm taking the train or a flight), fortunately there was no one next to me so that problem was solved quickly despite the fact the choice was atrocious. Shortly after, the flight attendant announce us that the movie will be Finding Nemo. This seems perfectly normal to me when the movie happened to be Radio with Ed Harris and Cuba Gooding Jr. The rest of the flight happened to be just like travelling in a shaker, courtesy of the bad weather above the atlantic. We start our descent toward Paris when the crew decide to serve us the breakfast in a hurry. I'm unsure if they 'forgot' it, or if it was done on purpose to let people sleep more. Fact is that we had to eat breakfast quickly !

I found Charles De Gaulle airport as it had always been, a bus picked us up from the aircraft and dropped us in front of some tiny stairs that looked more like a backdoor (stairs were also very useful for old people carrying heavy hand luggages).

Picking up my bags and passing immigration was a breeze. I then found myself in the hall where passengers services are found just like water in the Sahara. I
needed sone cash to take the Air France bus to Porte Maillot.

Easy, just next to the exit an ATM was waiting for me: Out of order.


I ask the information desk to figure out where is the next ATM: on the other hall, downstairs, next to the Post Office. Thanks ! I'm taking my baggage downstairs just to find that this one is also out of order. Wow ! Welcome to France ! I'm finally queuing to change a few US and NZ $ that were remaining in my wallet just to get enough change to take the bus !

Posted by stephane at January 17, 2004 02:05 AM