January 22, 2004


Things are getting crazy for me right now. I already spent some time visiting family and friends, went to lunch and dinner here and there, got various proposals, and I'm already working on a J2EE related project for a couple of days while I still did not have time to update my resume and post it on the web. All this means that I did not get much sleep since last friday. This is positive since it put me right on the track again.

Well what will happen with this website ? I have no idea. I have no real talent for describing ordinary things as extraordinary and writing lots of BS to make people dream. So I don't expect a fascinating blog.

Truely, I think this website was interesting in itself only because I posted loads of pictures, especially underwater, which is quite unusual. Therefore, a lot of people were actually discovering the critters living in the underwater world and it was in some way fascinating.

The articles in themselves were giving very little information about what was happening to me privately, though I believe that there is still a very good source of information for those who take the effort to read it.

What I would like to do later on, once I get more time is writing a more concentrated trip report for each diving destination I have been and my own experience: good and bad.

I would also like to add another detail section about round-the-world ticket, especially Oneworld Explorer.

Other projects include selecting a best-of the pictures and have some kind of portfolio online, ideally I would also like to have a printed hardcopy for me, if I can find a way to have some kind of coffee-table book printed. I will also probably post online a few screensavers as well, abd why not make a few photos available online for a modest fee.

Posted by stephane at January 22, 2004 01:25 AM