January 24, 2004

14500 pictures

14500 is about the number of pictures I took during my trip. This is more than I did in my 30 existing years on Earth. I just finished burning the latest CDs with them. I stupidely did not do any backup since Singapore and now that I'm desperately trying to work hard with my laptop with some server side application and it shows some worrying signs of mechanical troubles. I feel like the hard disk will blow up soon, so I'd better backup right now than feel sorry and smash my head against the wall because I lost all my data.

The plan for the pictures is:

- Do a second CD backup for safety.
- Do a third backup on DVDs for ease of use.
- Buy a few books like Nudibranchs and sea snails, Crustacea Guide Of The World and another on fish identifications so that I can classify safely everything.
- Choose the best pictures for an online portfolio.
- Choose the best one and look for creating a coffee table book with them. I'm not sure about the price of such crazy thing, but I might certainly need to make a hundred copies..that means that I will try to sell them online...or lose a lot of money and give them away (I will need more than a decent work before playing like this).

Posted by stephane at January 24, 2004 07:34 PM

I am writing a response here but it is in response to your comments to the post entitled "frantic". I am thinking that you cannot end this website. I am hoping that you will continue to write here. I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts from day to day. I felt as though I was vicariously traveling the world. And for me, it is still that way since you are in Paris and I'm in California. So I hope you'll keep on writing here at this website.

Posted by: Cath on January 28, 2004 04:24 AM

Yep, your website is a wonder, It was very nice to keep travel with you on the web.
Hopefully we could see us in Paris once.

Posted by: Emeric on January 29, 2004 12:11 PM

Indeed, I think I will continue to write here my usual rants. Unfortunately things will be far less exciting than travelling thousand miles away with a backpack.

Emeric, I have to see you as well, I need to give you all pictures of the girls.

Posted by: stephane on January 31, 2004 08:47 PM

Just read that you might put together a book of your pictures and sell it online. I'm interested in buying one.

Posted by: Cath on February 24, 2004 01:23 PM