January 30, 2004


What I have been doing recently ? Well, if you have been reading the lasts posts between the lines, you figured out that I was working temporarily for a 10 days mission. I was supposed to provide some Java technical backup about an offer bid for a J2EE application server. A J2EE application was provided by the client, as well as the hardware (load balancer, servers, ...) and the team had to solve technical problems on the application and demonstrate features of the server.

Honestly, I was not as useful as I would have wanted to. In the last years I have been staying away from the EJB side of the J2EE specifications, mainly because it was too heavy for the applications I was working on. In the last week case, as the application was full EJB, I was a bit lagging behind and I was not familiar with the server as well which is probably the less documented and the more complex to configure available on the market.

However in a couple of days I managed to get my hands reasonably quickly on new technical aspects, so it really does not worry me. This is just new stuff. Nothing spectacular, it just requires some time to get more familiar with.

What I can say about this interesting experience is that:
- The EJB application had one of the worst code quality I have ever seen.
- JBuilder (imposed) is still a dog and more than ever. While running the code formatter to get it more readable it managed to fuck up all classes by removing the ending } from all classes declarations.
- Why do people keep using IDE projects only instead of Ant ? To see that the deploying feature of an IDE does not work and is wasting your time ?
- It gave me a nice exposure to such an offer bid
- I need to catch up about J2EE.
- XDoclet needs to be a little bit more verbose about ambiguities and invalid tag content instead of doing its own thing without choking.
- My laptop is definitely too slow for sofware development.
- It looks like the Java/J2EE market is quite active in France and jobs are available.

I cannot give more technical details as the offer bid will run for more weeks with concurrent offers.

And many thanks to the nice people I have been working with lately. In particular Jerome, Michel and Alexandre that trusted me and gave me this nice proposal.

Posted by stephane at January 30, 2004 10:49 PM