April 24, 2004


I just bought yesterday the book 'Travellers' from Alexandre Kauffmann, a 28 year old french author. The book supposedly talks about the new generation backpackers/travellers. I just read a few pages and it is a pile of unverified, undocumented facts and is a total non-sense. He obviouslly wrote that quickly after a sponsored trip in Thailand from the Foreign Ministry (how can these guys have that is still a mistery).

The worse part is that this guy got some litterary prizes before.

The revolting part in the first few pages, despite his condescending analysis of undocumented behaviors is the diving part (mentionned as a favorite sport for backpackers). When writing about a 'Miko shark', he obviouslly confused the Miko ice cream and the Mako shark. He then continues his nonsense with a reference to a whale-shark bite, which considering his status as plankton-eater, would be quite a performance.

Then he goes on supposedly trying to find what is the rationale behind so-called backpackers by 'investigating' (it is laughable) Khao San Road in Bangkok.

Don't buy this book. There is not an ounce of work inside and it makes me think of a whole farce la Jack Kelley, the USA Today reporter that wrote a number of fake articles over the years.

I nearly feel obliged to write to the editor to ask for my money back and kick this guy out of the publishing industry. A shame considering that more talented and honest people are banging at the door to be published.

Posted by stephane at April 24, 2004 01:30 PM