May 05, 2004

Kilimanjaro follow up

The Kilimanjaro expedition is building itself slowly. We are already 4 (maybe 5) to be interested in it. Ideally I would like the expedition to be split in two weeks. One week for the Kilimanjaro itself and another week to take advantage of national parks and do some 'photo safari'.

Budget still to be defined but I expect it to be around $2000. A 2-way flight is about $700, a kilimanjaro trek is also about $700. In Tanzania it's hard to have a safari at less than $80/day due to the very high park fees, in Kenya it's a bit less but the road is often miserable.

No date defined, but common sense will try to avoid end of rainy season and beginning of dry one. This will be more comfortable for the summit and it's better to be able to see animals in the bush when it is not fully grown.

Posted by stephane at May 5, 2004 07:17 PM