June 23, 2004

Where to go...hum

I have to find where to go for my forced vacation. As expected my company wants me to take vacation during summer. Of course I have a seminar on July 22 meaning: August or nothing.

The rational behind this is simple. The government basically stop working during july and august. We are doing most of our business with the government, so it's better financially speaking for the company to have us going away during that period.

I don't really have that much ideas, the season basically sucks because air fares are extremely high. I was thinking of going to Bali to take advantage of the Mola Mola season but air fares reach an astonishing 2000EUR while the 'normal' price is around 600EUR.

I tried to put my vacations on september and maybe try to go to Wakatobi, with Heather, Bob and al. But I was refused those dates.

Posted by stephane at June 23, 2004 12:14 AM