September 16, 2004


We arrived at the Sangalaki Dive Resort after a hectic trip (for me at least). After landing to Singapore at 6:45AM, I met Heather, Bob and Mike at the Changi Airport at Singapore to take the Silk Air flight to Balikpapan leaving at 7:55AM and with ETA 10:15AM. At Balikpapan, Bob and Heather were stuck for a while at the immigration to get a visa. We grabbed all our diving gear and rushed to the departure gate to check in to the DAS/Kalstar flight to Berau..we checked in at 10:55 while the flight was leaving at 11:00...

At 12:30PM we arrive at Berau and are dropped at the port by a Sangalaki representative. After some time waiting, we take the speed boat to the island (a 2h journey) where we arrive at about 4PM.

I'm already half sleeping cramped in the seat speed boat.. I didn't sleep at all during the Paris-Singapore trip and slept very little the days before because of work issues therefore it is not surprising to feel a little bit weak

Once in Sangalaki, Heather, Mike and I decide to do a night dive as a checkout dive. No cameras.

#1: Location: Coral Garden, SI: ---, Max. Depth: 15.5m, Time: 61min

Posted by stephane at September 16, 2004 10:50 PM

Aren't the mantas ray there amazing? To see a big group of 40-50 is an experience I will never forget in my life.

Posted by: Joyce on October 29, 2004 02:47 AM