September 22, 2004

Manta Avenue

Manta shots are starting to improve, but I'm still relatively unsatisfied. All shots are taken by intercepting the trajectory of an approaching manta on its side and slowly moving under their belly. Note that all this is generally done against a slight current, with the manta flying effortlessly while I'm sucking air by pushing the whole ocean with my Mares Quattro fins (highly not recommended for such things). I'm putting so much energy swimming, that it is a challenge to be able to shoot at the same time while trying to adjust settings depending on the sun position.

I'm starting to shoot raw for the first time in an attempt to see if any improvement can be done at a later stage to adjust settings. I don't like this too much as I feel it is kind of cheating.

What I'm missing is also a much wider wide angle. With the Inon UWL-100, I'm having a 100-degree viewing angle which is still to narrow for mantas, it is hard to frame them. It would be much better with the associated dome port (131.6 degrees).

Bob got a Inon UFL-165AD (165 degrees) for Heather to be used with the Fuji F810, and it takes nice fisheye photos, too bad it is a bayonet mounting while I have a M67 mounting.

#18: Location: Manta Avenue, SI: 15h59min, Max. Depth: 17m, Time: 46min
#19: Location: Manta Avenue, SI: 1h36min, Max. Depth: 10.0m, Time: 60min
#20: Location: Turtle Town/Sandy Ridge, SI: 1h9min, Max. Depth: 14.1m, Time: 82min

Sunrise One of the dive boat in Sangalaki Heather snorkeling on top of a manta ray - manta birostris - Manta ray - Manta birostris - Manta ray - Manta birostris - Manta ray - Manta birostris - Manta ray - Manta birostris - Mike during a manta snorkeling Manta ray - Manta birostris - Manta ray - Manta birostris - Manta ray - Manta birostris - Blue Ribbon Eel - Rhinomuraena quaesita Blue Ribbon Eel - Rhinomuraena quaesita Details of brain coral - Diploria labyrinthiformis - Chelidonura varians Pseudoceros sp. Sunset

Posted by stephane at September 22, 2004 09:01 PM

Love the two star burst Manta shots and the twin blue ribbon eels.

Posted by: Mike Stallings on October 14, 2004 07:43 PM