September 24, 2004

Kakaban Blue Light Cave: -64m

Ron, Manager of Sangalaki Dive Lodge took us along with Ian (dive instructor) to the Blue Light Cave at Kakaban. He restricts this to experienced divers as this is a deep dive in pitch black conditions: no light at all and that it happens that some people discover that they suffer from claustrophobia in those conditions. So better be cautious here considering the depth. The entrance is a vertical shaft on top of the reef in about 50cm of water. There are 2 exits from this cave, one is apparently located at 44m, the other one is at 64m. I took the camera for this dive and literally forgot about it...despite that the housing is rated to 40m ! It worked without a hitch though and was able to take a picture at the exit point (looks like a gate). I wanted to take a shot without strobes but did not have time to do so. It is quite amazing as the exit looks like it is carved.

In the early morning, Mike and I managed to free a green turtle that was entangled between roots while digging her hole to lay eggs. She couldn't get out of her hole and was digging forever.

#24: Location: Blue Light Cave, SI: 15h18min, Max. Depth: 63.4m, Time: 45min
#25: Location: Barracuda Point, SI: 1h06min, Max. Depth: 23.7m, Time: 84min
#26: Location: Sandy Ridge, SI: 2h49min, Max. Depth: 17.7m, Time: 72min

The green turtle that was entangled between roots Mike shooting our free green turtle going back to the sea Green turtle going back to the sea at sunrise Sangalaki after early morning Sangalaki after early morning Baby blue-spotted stingray close to the shore -64m exit of the Blue Light cave at Kakaban Mike Ian Coral formation Coral formation Coral formation Striped/Neon Triplefin - Helcogramma striata Hypselodoris apolegma Chromodoris dianae Ink-spot sea squirt - Polycarpa aurata Chromodoris annae Chromodoris willani Chromodoris annae Close-up of a cuttlefish eye

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