October 04, 2004

Leaving to Paris via Singapore

No pictures today. I took a flight from Manado to Singapore at noon to catch my flight back to Paris at 22:30. I will be arriving the next day at 6AM and I'm going to work right after at 9AM. I did not stay long in Lembeh, but it is still better than not going at all. Heather, Mike, Paul and Bob stay here until for a few more days.

To sum up on the trip report:

- Sangalaki is a great place to see mantas (it's all year round but there's a timing to consider...shhh that's a secret), of course it's not a giant pacific manta ray, but you can still find some big individuals with a wing span of over 2m50 I think.

- Going from one strobe to two (all manual) is more annoying than I expected

- Shooting RAW brings some benefits like fixing a half-stop over/underexposure, but manipulation is pain with a slow computer. (well for my Fujitsu P2120 it is nearly unmanageable).

- The UK dive light to be used as a modeling light for a night dive lasted 2 dives (day dives) before it flooded. (I think it is manufactured for flooding)

Posted by stephane at October 4, 2004 12:26 AM