March 15, 2005


I'm now diving with Abyss Plongee, nothing against Atlantis Plongee as they have been extremely cool and friendly. From a photographic point of view the first dive was a disaster, I was realizing during the first dive that something was wrong with the camera flash settings as everything was desynchronized from time to time and every wide angle shot was...err..without light, until I realized some time later that the camera was apparently reset after I changed the batteries. The fact that there's a bit of a rush underwater does not help much to have a clear mind.

What you get when you mess up the flash settings Arch underwater School of yellow-banded fish Hypselodoris bullockii, chromodorididae nudibranch. A baby one a  bit blurred thanks to to the massive surge Variegated Lizardfish - Synodus variegatus Paracirrhites arcatus - Arc-Eyed Hawkfish Gymnothorax meleagris - Whitemouth Moray Christmas tree on hard coral

Posted by stephane at March 15, 2005 06:39 PM