November 27, 2002 -

MD5 fix

Fabrice spotted a MT bug. The main page was not refreshing the number of comments. It was due to a missing Digest::MD5 Perl package on the server, thus MT was only rebuilding for a certain change threshold.
Now fixed.

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Guatemala bis

Fabrice posted new pictures from Guatemala.

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Moving from host

I moved the website from host. It is no more hosted by Jérôme, I prefered to move as I was asking him many things to install and run. He obviouslly would have spent too much time on it and he has work to do.

I chose TopClassHost. Excellent deal. $6 / month ($60 per year) for 1Gb of space, 10Gb transfer, webmail, php, perl, majordomo, mysql, etc...

Support looks cool. Craig has been very responsive concerning the numerous requests I sent him.

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November 21, 2002 -

Waiting for my P

I finally decided to order my Fujitsu P2120 at This baby goes at $1599 and I will try to cheat via the kind help of Laurent (brother of my cousin's husband) as he leaves in Cambridge, MA. I should hopefully save some taxes ($400).

The P is scheduled to arrive from Japan on November 29.

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November 20, 2002 -


Fabrice and Isabelle managed to survive a 3-week trip in Guatemala surrounded by retired couples and a I-know-it-all French man. As usual they took loads of pictures (around 700) besides the fact some locals were pressuring them financially for a picture. Record is apparently awarded to some kid that asked for $4 to be shot.

You can see some of them here and here.

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November 09, 2002 -

Picture Day

A simple entry to test for a picture.

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November 05, 2002 -

In the spirit of and I'm desperatly trying to find a host name.

Let's see if I can come up with something reasonable.

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November 03, 2002 -

EXIF Plugin

I spent a couple of hours coding a Perl plugin for MovableType to get Exif information from a picture.

And now I realize this is completely useless...mmm.....well...maybe not.
In any case it would be better to generate the gallery and do a SSI in the entry rather than splattering the entry with MT specific code... oh well...

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November 02, 2002 -

Jerome, where are you ?

I missed the rendez-vous with Jérome. He was supposed to be in Paris today but did not get his call. Maybe another day.

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Smile !

Finally finished adding the plugin to process smilies, what a mess. Error reporting is a nightmare.

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