December 19, 2002 -


I went to Bouzy near Reims to get some Champagne for friends (and for me as well ). I went back to Barnaut house. I managed to bring back 52 bottles which are a mix of brut, extra-brut, cuvé, millésime, rosé and sec. In short all available one. I did not have the opportunity to taste the Millésime before and was pleasantly surprised so I took a couple for me .


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December 16, 2002 -

Incredible Adventures

I recently came across several web sites that are sell 'adventure' packages out of the ordinary. I was telling myself I had to do those things soon. I would really like it. But I will have to first try to get more money

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December 14, 2002 -

Insurance, another day in Paradise

Just went to my insurer to cancel my household insurance, they did not support it for more than 3 months outside the normal country residency anyway and the excess for lost items was $125, which is way too high.

I also downgraded my car insurance as I will not use it for a year and will remain into a garage.

It's always fun to talk to insurers. You speak to one person one day they tell you black, the next day you have someone else and you are told white.

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It's beautiful !

YES ! I do have my long awaited Fujitsu P2120. It's amazingly lightweight and the screen is beautifully sharp. I just bought a caselogic neoprene sleeve that fits it like a glove. It's not lightning speed, but hey that's not the point of this baby, it's a least faster than my old Celeron 450 desktop anyway.

Thanks to Laurent for all the bad work of shipping it to me from the US to avoid paying an additional $400 taxes ! Whoooohoooo !

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December 12, 2002 -

It's coming

What a surprise I just learned that the P is on its way ! Thanks Laurent !
It took the Newark-Paris flight today and it just left the Paris sort facility tonight, hehehe, I should have it by tomorrow.

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December 11, 2002 -

Picture Time

This is an attempt to display picture appropriately in the page. These pictures have been taken during some time off in Les Issambres (South of France) back in the beginning of November. I have been doing some tests with the camera to try to know it a little bit more about it (and about photography).


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December 10, 2002 -


I'm not very happy . My hosting provider has been doing too many mistakes recently, I hope this will calm down as I have changed to (hopefully) a better server, but during the move all my directories were set to root owner and did not have the damn right to write into sub-directories !
Pretty challenging to manage the files !

Add to this that finally my P will not be shipped, it has been temporarily in FedEx location, but Laurent called it back wisely because they were asking commercial invoice. 'Improper or missing paperwork'. To avoid further problems he will take it with him on his way back to Paris on December 18.

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December 08, 2002 -

Shipped and Stuck

Yes. The damn P is stuck right now at FedEx Bedford, MA. Missing paperwork or something. Damn. With luck, French customs will also fine me $5000 or something later as it seems I do have bad luck. When shipping it from West to East coast the staff already forgot to put the complete address...

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December 07, 2002 -

P on the way

My Fujitsu P2120 has been shipped today from the US . It's on its way via FedEx, with luck I will have it by monday. I hope everything will go well. Many thanks for everything Laurent !

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Insurance is probably the biggest rip-off existing in the world.

I mean, there are no one in any company that know the insurance they sell and they all tell you crap. I spent my day checking insurance papers and small prints and exclusions and coverages and premiums for things like: AVI, DAN, Dive Master, Mondial Assistance, CFE, AIPS, DEPP and AXA/Lafont (FFESSM).

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December 04, 2002 -

P shipped ?

The P has normally been shipped today from San Jose, CA via FedEx 2 days. Laurent should probably have it and send it to me before the end of the week if things go well.

Apart from that, doing more cleaning.

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December 03, 2002 -

On its way

I called British Airways OneWorld desk today to setup the flight plan. All is ok, I have decided to remove Costa Rica, it should give me more flexibility about potential delays and I will have time to go around Mexico and the Virgin Islands. You can find the map here

On the technical side, as a convenience I added an online file editor that will allow me to edit, delete, remove, move, upload, files on the whole site the site without the need to ftp or doing a ssh. This is quite convenient for ultra quick editing.

Ivan from gave me the green light for the P, they should 'apparently' ship it by tomorrow but their lack of responsiveness to emails really gets on my nerves. I understand they could be extra busy, but hell, this is not very nice.

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