February 23, 2003 - Jordan

Jordan Notes

I have compiled some notes for the lovely Adriana who does a wonderful job at Lighthouse Dive Center caring about all of us nicely and teaching me some slovak (albeit very basic, but I'm not a good student).

These notes should give interesting information for those who want to go to Jordan (especially from Egypt). Information in the Lonely Planet or any guide is just completely outdated. The notes give as well some information about visa processing which can be a complete nightmare in Egypt.

You will find as well the prices for a couple of things (bus, taxi, food, ...).

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February 21, 2003 - Jordan

Wadi Rum Pictures

The Wadi Rum desert is the desert of Lawrence of Arabia. Some monuments here are somewhat doubtful to me as I do not see much how house ruins in a very windy and sandy corridor located miles away from two water springs can be seen as 'Lawrence house'...mmm...

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Petra Pictures

Here are some pictures of Petra. I took about 185 pictures in 2 days. I spent the first day in Petra and the next morning as well while in the afternoon I went to Shawback Castle and Little Petra.

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February 20, 2003 - Jordan

Back from Jordan

I'm back from Jordan. I spent 2 days in Petra and was planning to go back to Aqaba on tuesday morning at 6:00AM but instead of boarding the Aqaba bus I chose the one going to Wadi Rum at the very last minute after bumping into some other travelers. I thus spent the night in the desert of Lawrence of Arabia and went back to Aqaba this morning day to catch the ferry.

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February 16, 2003 - Jordan


I'm in Petra right now, that is, in the Kingdom of Jordan. I finally decided to take a look as it wasn't that far from Dahab. Roughly I took a 1h15 bus from Dahab to Nuweiba (20EGP) then a 1h30 ferry from Nuweiba to Aqaba (45$), then a 2h local minibus from Aqaba to Petra (4JD).

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February 12, 2003 - Egypt


As you know I'm supposed to go to the Seychelles after Egypt. However I' m starting to think this is a definite bad idea. I cannot find accomodation for less than $50 / night. So if I happen to stop here it would definitely be for less than a week so that it does not ruin my budget too much.

If you happen to know anything about cheap accommodation on Praslin I would be delighted to read about it. Many thanks.

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I'm going to dive on the Thistlegorm tomorrow. I should leave Dahab tonight and be back tomorrow evening. The Thistlegorm is the World Foremost Diving Attraction. The ship was 126.5m in length and was launched in June 1940 as an 'Armed Freighter'. On his way back to Glascow it was attacked on October 5th 1941 while at anchor by a German Squadron of Heinkel bombers based in Crete. The wreck was discovered in the early fifties by Jacques Cousteau.

On the next day I might leave for Jordan for a couple of days, nothing decided yet.

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February 08, 2003 - Egypt

Dahab - Bells / Blue Hole

I went back to the Blue Hole and did The Bells as well. This is not really the place to take pictures as it is a vertical wall. We however bumped into a turtle at around 20-25m I believe and again I was extremely close to her and feel like I did not take enough pictures. It is always a nice encounter though.
Between the two dives we were able to see a dozen of dolphins passing by at about 500m from the shore. No dolphins during diving yet however.

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February 06, 2003 - Egypt

Dahab - Night Dive

I did a night dive at the lighthouse and we were able to see a Spanish Dancer as you will see on the pictures. It is extremely beautiful and I was a bit disappointed that I did not take more pictures about it. However I as lucky to take a very nice close up of it with a full view of a crayfish hidden under.

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February 04, 2003 - Egypt

Dahab - Abu Helal / Eel Garden Pictures

Very nice pictures from a turtle swimming at Abu Helal, she has been nice enough to allow me to get close to her so that I could take pictures. I could have touch her anytime as we were less than 50cm from each other for about 5 minutes. Great moment !

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February 03, 2003 - Egypt

Dahab - Islands / Canyon

At least ! Pictures taken a little bit out from Dahab (at least a little bit). I moved from dive center and went fron Fantasea to Lighthouse. The latter is a Czech owned club and therefore you bump into more Czech than anything else .
I simply moved because Fantasea mostly cares about divemasters and since they spend most of their time in books than diving there are of course no fun dives. As I was the only one diving for fun I had to pay between 20 or 25$ rather than 15$. Lighthouse gave me a better deal varying from 14 to 15$ and there are some funny people there as well.

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February 02, 2003 - Egypt

Dahab - Eel Garden Pictures

Eel Garden is an amazing spot. In the sandy bottom there are thousands of eels that pop out from their hole to eat plankton. It gives an amazing landscape as you will see in some of the pictures. Light is not so good because it is taken from far away as the eels hide quickly.

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February 01, 2003 - Egypt

Dahab - Lighthouse Pictures

Another set of pictures from the Lighthouse. Excellent dives as it was really a critters festival as you will see with the Seamoth, Devil Scorpionfish, Anglerfish, Walkman, etc... Kind of weird critters as you will see.

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