March 30, 2003 - Kenya

Mount Kenya - Day 5

We leave from Met Station at 8AM toward Naro Moru gate. We are walking slowly and we manage to see some animals on the road, mainly monkeys and antilopes (or cousin that is...). It is a pleasant 2h walk even though the road is wet and slippery from last night rains.

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March 29, 2003 - Kenya

Mount Kenya - Day 4

I wake up at 4AM, no wonder as I went to bed at 8PM. The girls must now be in the middle of their ascent. I continue sleeping until 6AM abd get out with the camera to take pictures of the sunrise. There is again wonderful weather and the girls are sure to enjoy the sunrise.

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March 28, 2003 - Kenya

Mount Kenya - Day 3

By 2:30AM I give up sleeping and starts to pack my gear. Gerald and I are having a quick hot drink with cookies and we leave the camp by 3:35AM. It's pitch black outside. Gerald tells me that his torch does not work so we will have only one torch: my head lamp.

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March 27, 2003 - Kenya

Mount Kenya - Day 2

I spent a terrible night because of Gerald and the rain, it seems like I have been awake all time and did not get a single minute of sleep. Fact is I'm out of the dorm around before 6AM, I cannot endure anymore being squeezed in the sleeping bag.
We are supposed to leave around 7:30AM. At 7AM I see no sign of human presence and decide to wake up Gerald that is hiding inside his sleeping bag.

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March 26, 2003 - Kenya

Mount Kenya - Day 1

I leave with Ken (Nairobi Backpackers owner) and Gerald (Mount Kenya guide) from Nairobi in the morning to Nanyuki, the base town to climb Mount Kenya. We reach it around twelve and stop by the city to hire a porter and a cook. At the same time I'm getting a rain coat that I rent for 550KSh for 5 days after some bargaining. The guy orginally wanted 1000KSh. 550KSh is still expensive and quite close to the price of a new one.

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March 25, 2003 - Kenya


A couple of notes about Kenya prices (For the record $1 = 76KSh). This is somewhat expensive here (I would say price are somewhat similar to what you can find on occidental countries) but you can eat VERY well for 250KSh and sleep for about 500KSh.

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March 24, 2003 - Kenya

Climbing Mount Kenya

I should leave by wednesday to climb Mount Kenya. Nothing was planned but I'm just taking the opportunity. I spent the afternoon getting some gear around the Nairobi open market to avoid suffering from cold and rain.

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March 23, 2003 - Kenya

Karibu Kenya !

Which means 'Welcome to Kenya' in Swahili. I left yesterday evening from the Seychelles and I'm now in Nairobi, staying at the Nairobi Backpacker. I could not do everything I wanted to the last day at Mahe because of... well, it's the islands, it's warm, it's humid, so anything that could be done in 5 minutes takes about 30 minutes.

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March 21, 2003 - Seychelles


Another breakfast finished at 8:15AM for a taxi that arrived at 9:15AM. Really, there is no rush here. Maybe there is a time difference between the east and west coast here
And really I had time... the dive planned at 9:30AM transformed itself in a dive planned at 11:30AM...mmm.. no good, it will cut severely my afternoon and I will have a hard time going to Baie de Lonay I believe, or just about anywhere in this island. My equipment won't have time to dry off.

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I'm right now in Mahe, main island in the Seychelles where is the capital Victoria. I chose to stay here as this is somewhat high season and the price of accommodation is expensive just about anywhere and this kills my budget quickly.

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March 20, 2003 - Seychelles

Conception Island

Taxi arrived again at 9AM (scheduled for 8:15AM). In the way to Beau Vallon we stopped to a guesthouse to pick up other people as well. The taxi driver was shocked not to see them and then called the Dive Center owner that asked him to leave. I talked a little bit to the taxi driver and he was angry because that's the 2nd time they are not waiting: 'At what time were they supposed to be picked up ?' I asked, 8:30' he replied. I looked at the time...9:10AM. Humm..there is obviously something he has a problem to understand... assuming you should dive at 9:30AM and a taxi must pick you at 8:30AM, what would a common sense do if the taxi is not here by 9AM ?
If you want a really accurate answer then you need a geographic location for that event. There is NO time in the Seychelles for certain things...

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March 19, 2003 - Seychelles

Diving in Mahe

I woke up at 7:30AM. The breakfast was starting at 8AM until 9AM. Pretty short window and pretty late..but it's the islands... Anyway I had to hurry to take my breakfast as the taxi was supposed to arrive at 8:15AM. Which I did. And the taxi arrived...right on time at 9:00AM !! I was just trying to reach the Dive Center but the phone numbers indicated in the Tourism Office map are not valid anymore ! Pretty interesting business practice ! I'm wondering if many people can actually reach them.

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March 17, 2003 - England

Seychelles here I am

I'm leaving tonight for the Seychelles. Fact is. I don't know at all where to sleep and where to go. I will see at the airport if I can manage to grab some piece of information from a Lonely Planet.

I will arrive in the Seychelles tomorrow around 3PM and should leave March 22. I do not plan to stay there long due to the atrocious prices.

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I like London in the rain

I'm now in London, writing this in a cybercafe in Fulham. I left Dahab on Friday at 2PM not without some hard feelings, I spent the next 9 hours in the bus to Cairo thinking about a lot of things. The trip was quite ok at least much more appreciated than the night bus from Cairo to Dahab.

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March 10, 2003 - Egypt

Thank You

I will leave in a few days from Dahab and it is time for me to thank everybody I have been spending time with for next to 2 months. It is heartbreaking to leave such nice people and I hope to see them again in the future.

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March 05, 2003 - Egypt


Here are a couple of pictures from a nightdive I was lucky enough to do with Joska ( Lighthouse manager ). While Joska was doing macro video I was taking pictures. We went up after 96 minutes. All pictures are from Lightouse spot as it is probably the best one for macros since you find all sort of critters here.

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March 03, 2003 - Egypt

One Thousand White Women

When I was in Jordan I was asked by by some curious French people how I was able to read when traveling as obviously it was difficult to bring piles of book during my travel. Besides the fact that they were actually surprised I was able to read english books - sigh... - I figure that the answer could interest some people.

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Dahab - Lighthouse/Blue Hole Pictures

These pictures were taken on February 24/25. One of them shows the Stonefish 24h hour after the previous shots, burried into the grass. There is also a very nice picture of seagrass pipefishes. As you can see they mimic perfectly seagrass. They are difficult to spot underwater as they swim like seagrass transported by current and they are twisted most of the time making their identification more difficult.

Other pictures were taken during a Blue Hole dive. You can see an instructor lying on top of two divers that obviously had buoyancy (sinking) and equipment problems (pressure gauge and octopus hanging). The instructor apparently grabbed the octopus and pressure gauge of the 2 divers to better control them underwater and avoid them ramming up too much coral. They did not notice until about 5 minutes that something was going wrong.

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Dahab - Lighthouse Pictures

The entries were lacking of pictures recently, so I'm catching up and sending some pictures of new uw aliens. They have been taken on February 23. A couple of them show a Stonefish which is probably the world most venomous fish. It mimics a stone perfectly and is hardly capable to swim due to its density. The fish swimming is similar to a flying chicken about agility.

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March 01, 2003 - Egypt

Leaving soon...maybe

As some of you may have noticed I have delayed my departure flights from Egypt. Originally as of today I should have been in the Seychelles, but I delayed my flight to saturday March 15.

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